IPG connects independent professionals in the field of tax advice, law and accountancy on a global level. Our members can therefore help you with all your national and/or cross border questions. Find your nearest advisor here
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The members of IPG organise more than two conferences per year. Inbetween conferences members regularly meetup or discuss juridical matters, ideas and opportunities via the IPG linkedin groups. In addition, IPG issues newsletters on a regular basis: find the latest issue here.
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The different communication tools, regular conferences and active LinkedIn discussion groups create business opportunities. Active participation is key here: before referring your customer, you want to be sure he will be in good hands. Join IPG: for your business and your customers!
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Application Procedure

  • Any firm active in the fields of law, tax or accountancy or Mergers & Acquisitions or other relevant professional expertise can apply for an IPG Membership. A candidate firm has to be voted in at one of the Members’ meetings to receive full IPG Membership.
  • A firm can be addressed directly by IPG with a request to consider becoming a member of IPG. Firms may also approach IPG themselves by filling out the application form
  • After this first contact the candidate firm may be requested to attend at least one conference prior to voting.
  • During such conferences, candidate firms are encouraged to attend all meetings and activities, with the exception of a part of the Members' Only meetings on Saturday mornings.
  • After the conference, the visiting firm will be given ample opportunity to report back to their colleagues and discuss possibilities. The firm will be contacted by the assigned IPG member in the following month to see if we can assist with questions and/or information.
  • If the candidate firm decides that it wants to pursue a full IPG membership they can notify the IPG secretariat which will subsequently start the formal application procedure by sending an application form to the candidate member firm to be completed and sent back to the secretariat.
  • The application form is evaluated by the Board of Directors, to be followed by an appointment for a due diligence meeting at the offices of the candidate firm.
  • The Board of Directors will evaluate the application form after which an appointment for a due diligence meeting at the offices of the candidate firm will be made.
  • A designated IPG member (generally one of the Board) performs the due diligence at the candidate's firm and reports back to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors reviews the due diligence report and either recommends the candidate firm for membership at the Members' Only meeting of the first subsequent conference or concludes that the candidate firm’s profile does not match the membership criteria sufficiently to support admission. Of course, all candidates receive timely notification of the conclusions of the Board.
  • In the case of a recommendation from the Board IPG members will vote on the application at the following conference.