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Fintech in LATAM: a comparative law review


Latin America represents an attractive region for the global Fintech sector due to the gradual y daily adjustments of the bank services and technology, from which the population benefits.

Likewise, Fintech industry in LATAM represents a great benefit for the region, since it promotes financial inclusion, and thus, the economic development of several growing economies.

Although the Fintech industry had been growing considerably in the region, the Covid-19 pandemic brought even greater scalability in this sector due to the need to use technology on a day-to-day basis aiming to overcome the global crisis caused by the contingency, which has resulted in multiple business opportunities for the sector.

Due to the presence of Fintech sector companies in their markets, various LATAM countries have found necessary to adapt their legislations and regulate those companies, to promote their inclusion in the financial system and provide legal certainty to their users.

In view of the above, the #EcijaTeam of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, and Mexico, prepared this review with the aim of sharing the general and comparative aspects of the legal treatment of the Fintech sector to this date, in each one of these LATAM countries.

Download here the ECIJA Fintech LATAM report 2021 pdf

 Download here the ECIJA Fintech LATAM report 2021 pdf ...

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