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Special Economic Zones in Poland


1. Why you should consider investments in Poland?

Poland, located in the heart of Europe, complete with a 38 million strong customer market – is one of the fastest developing economics in Europe. Human capital not only represents varied demand for products and services but is a valuable asset in itself. A young, well educated workforce with a broad range of qualifications and low labour costs is that what Poland can offer.

2. What benefits can be attained by investing in Poland?

Poland offers a wide range of investment incentives. Investors are invited to locate their projects within 14 Special Economic Zones (SEZ). SEZs are administratively separated areas of Polish territory where business activity may be conducted under advantageous conditions. The main aims of creating SEZs in Poland was to accelerate regional development by attracting new investment and promoting job creation and manage post-industrial property and infrastructure.

3. How, where and when you can profit from SEZ’s?

According to current law, the preferential conditions in SEZs will be available for investors till 2026. So the first step in launching a new business in Poland is to select a preferable location. In order to start operating in any of the SEZ sites it is necessary to obtain a permit that defines the conditions of investment and income tax exemptions from future profits. This consent is required to launch the business, implement investment and to generate income under the favoured conditions

4. Tax exemptions

Each SEZ differentiates conditions of exemptions which depend on the investment location, the size of the enterprise and the amount of investment expenditure. The value of tax exemption is calculated on the basis of investment costs or creation of new jobs.

The amounts of aid depend on the region where the investment is made and can reach 50 % of the amount of costs. The benefit to small businesses is increased by an extra 20 percentage points, while for medium-sized enterprises it is extra 10 percent.

Utilizing this advantage requires trading for a duration of not less than 5 years and maintaining ownership of the assets related to the capital expenditure for a period of five years (for small and medium-sized enterprises these terms are shortened to 3 years).

The amount of aid for job creation is calculated on the same basis as that of the regional investment expenditure, as above, using the two-year gross wage costs of each newly employed worker (increased by all obligatory employment law payments) as the base. The newly created jobs have to be guaranteed for a period of 5 years (3 years in case of small and medium-sized companies).

In specific cases investors running their business in an SEZ can profit from the real estate tax exemption on the basis of a resolution passed by the relevant local authorities, e.g. when the business is connected with providing cultural activities.

5. Additional value added

Subventions and tax exemptions are not the only important factors for businesses launched in SEZs. Economic zones are the places where contractors can easily launch a new company, network with other similar businesses and foster long term cooperation. Each of the 14 economic zones is specialized in particular business activities.

Our company's experts are qualified to advise you comprehensively on investments into the optimal Special Economic Zones in Poland, according to the particular needs of your industry.

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