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The members of IPG organise more than two conferences per year. Inbetween conferences members regularly meetup or discuss juridical matters, ideas and opportunities via the IPG linkedin groups. In addition, IPG issues newsletters on a regular basis: find the latest issue here.
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The different communication tools, regular conferences and active LinkedIn discussion groups create business opportunities. Active participation is key here: before referring your customer, you want to be sure he will be in good hands. Join IPG: for your business and your customers!
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Next London Conference

Next London Conference
Article by Nicholas C. J. Lakeland

Dear fellow IPG members,
'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'
Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
As proud Londoners we are looking forward to welcoming you to our fabulous city and hosting the reception in May. You simply can't get bored here in London. It is a global city with so much to see and do that it can’t all be listed. Our history, culture and yes even our cuisine with influences from all over the world is here to be enjoyed.
Our programme is full of interesting events for both delegates and their spouses. Our hotel is beautifully placed on the Thames where you will be able to watch the river flowing under Tower Bridge. Next door we have the Tower of London where you can see splendid Jewels and Armaments in equal measure.  
We have tailored a programme to minimise the need to travel around and maximise the time you have to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.
Our golfers will be entertained at the Royal Blackheath Golf Club, the oldest golf club in the world founded in 1608 by Scottish courtiers of James I who followed him down south when he succeeded Elizabeth I to the crown of England.
Our tennis players won’t be far either although their chosen venue Shooters Hill Lawn Tennis Club is a little more modern. Our early morning runners will have fantastic views as they travel up alongside the Thames. For those of us less keen on running we will be able to see the views at our leisure as we travel with the blessing of Old Father Thames in the ‘P.S. Elizabethan’ as well as using fast river boats to reach other destinations.
Tea anyone ? Well yes we are English after all but this will be tea with a difference. We will be vising the Palace of Westminster which encompasses both Houses of Parliament. Not only will we touring the Palace but we have the rare privilege of finishing off with tea on the terrace of the House of Commons.
Whilst the delegates get down to the serious business of listening to an array of interesting and high profile speakers, voting in new members and networking like fury, spouses will either be visiting the Tate Modern or the shops in the West End. This will culminate in a special personalised tour of Harrods, which as many of you will know is the largest department store in Europe, and probably the best known in the world.
Further alternative cultural and shopping delights await in the choice of a visit to Borough Market or the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Not to be missed along the way we will also be sampling the food at picturesque 18th century pub ‘The Dickens Inn’ close to the Hotel as well as partying away at the Chop House in Butler’s Wharf over the other side of the river.
As you can see there is something for everyone and all three of your host firms Barnes Roffe, DWFM Beckman and Silverman Sherliker are really looking forward to welcoming you all in May.
Nicholas C. J. Lakeland
Silverman Sherliker
Nicholas C. J. Lakeland
7 Bath Place
DX: 137779 FINSBURY 5
+44 (0)20 7749 2700