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New Zealand Immigration


An attractive option – and it may be more achievable than you think!

In an increasingly unsettled and polarised world, New Zealand offers an opportunity to live in and enjoy the benefits of a harmonious, inclusive and caring society, where there is still genuine respect for the individual and personal freedom. 
In our experience, many people have a misconception that immigration to New Zealand may not be achievable.  In fact, it is far more readily attainable than you may think! 
One of the most straightforward paths to New Zealand residency and then citizenship, is through the Investor Category process. 
Investor Categories 1 and 2 are both relatively straightforward where eligibility requirements are met.  Applicants and their family will be able to achieve permanent residence in New Zealand within 3 to 4 years.  They are summarised as follows:

  1. Investor Category 2

 The applicant must:

  • be under 66 years of age
  • speak English to a basic standard
  • to be of good health and character
  • prove three years of business experience
  • show net worth of NZ$3,000,000 or more (approximately €1.5m)
  • have NZ$3,000,000 to invest in New Zealand
  • prove that the funds invested have been lawfully earned or acquired
  • hold the investment in New Zealand for at least four years 
  1. Investor Plus Category

The applicant must: 

  • have NZ$10,000,000 to invest
  • prove the investment funds have been lawfully earned or acquired
  • be of good health and character
  • hold the investment in New Zealand for at least three years

For each investment category, there is a requirement to spend a certain level of physical time in the country.  For Investor 1 Category, this can amount to as little as 44 days in the final two years of the investment, the Investor 2 Category requires a greater commitment – usually 438 days over a four-year period. 
Once issued, the holder of a residence visa can live, work and study in New Zealand, with their family (including their partner and dependent children aged under 25); and will have the option to acquire citizenship after five years.
The diagrams below demonstrate the steps that would need to be taken in each case.
[If possible, the attached diagrams could be inserted here for the newsletter].
New Zealand offers residents universal free healthcare, exceptional free education and a relatively low tax environment.  The maximum income tax rate is 33%.  There is a 15% general GST (VAT). 
There are no estate, gift or death duties.  There is no property tax nor (in a general sense) is there any capital gains tax. 
New Zealand continues to perform exceptionally well in a number of key international surveys:

  • 2nd (behind Denmark) in Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index
  • Auckland (New Zealand’s largest city) 3rd in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey Index (behind Zurich and Vienna)
  • 7th in the Legatum 2019 Prosperity Index

IPG Member Firm Turner Hopkins of Auckland, New Zealand has one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded immigration practices and are readily available to answer any questions that you may have concerning the prospect of immigration to New Zealand and related factors.

M. J. Robinson

400 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622
PO Box 33237, Takapuna, Auckland 0740
DX BP66504
+64 9 486 2169