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IPG German speaking meeting in Oldenburg from 2nd to 4th March 2018


Article by Friedhelm Gruber

For our German speaking meeting of IPG in 2018, 30 members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Finland came to the small town of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, Germany.


The friendly and social meeting was to be in focus, which was fulfilled on Thursday evening with a lovely get together in a very old tavern by the name “Spieker” in Bad Zwischenahn, not far from Oldenburg. After a wonderfully entertaining welcome speech by Gerold it was time to eat eel and drink “Korn” (grain brandy) after the old traditional fashion, including the wonderful old local German drinking rhyme between the host and the guest:


H: “Ick seh Di” (I see you)

G: “Dat freit mi” (I am delighted at that)

H: “Ick sup di to” (I drink to you)

G: “Dat do” (Do that)

“Prost!” (Cheers)

It follows the drinking of the “Korn” from a spoon.

H: “Ick he’d Di tosapen” (I drank to you)

G: “Hest’n Rechten drapen” (You met the right one)

If the spoon, which had to be put face down back on the plate, was still wet of one of the guests, that person will have to pay the next round.


The evening was a full success, as you can imagine.

On Saturday then came the wonderful surprise: 8:30am start of the seminar until 15:15, non-stop. The topic: Digitalisation of the profession and working space. The Speaker was great and engaging, the topic was well selected and presented. High attendance throughout the whole program and all participated in the program’s discussions.


In the afternoon then followed the “Kohlfahrt”, a local annual Bossel and Kale event, consisting of a long walk in the cold fresh air, with some traditional rounds of Bossel, some more “Korn” and other beverages and great laughter. After 3 hours of cold air, drinking, sportive competition and great atmosphere we returned back inside into the warmth. Now followed the food: “Grünkohl” (Kale), “Pinkel” (local sausage), “Kassler” (smoked pork) and “Kochwurst” (cooked sausage). The food was then burned off with lots of dancing and great music. Some more drinks followed and great conversations was held during the evening and throughout the whole weekend.


The event was a success and shall be repeated in 2019, probably in Switzerland.

Our days in Oldenburg, up in the North-West of Germany, shall be kept in good memory.

Many thanks to Inka, Martina, Helge and Gerold, we shall return!