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New ECIJA Agreement with the Chinese Firm Grandall Law


As you may all recall, we are an Iberian IPG member. We were admitted to the network at the Norway conference this year. We are attracted by the flexibility of the network, which makes it very suitable as a business platform.

Most of you may already know that our firm, ECIJA, is well represented in the Iberian Peninsula as well as in many Central and South American Jurisdictions. We currently have a total of 8 offices in Portugal and Spain and we are present in 10 other jurisdictions in the Spanish speaking Americas, including the large jurisdictions of Chile and Mexico.

But the purpose of this short note is not to explain who we are but rather to highlight our recent agreement with GRANDALL, one of the largest Chinese law firms. Our joint-venture agreement with them was concluded in October 18th. GRANDALL has a total of 3.000 lawyers in 32 offices most of them located in China. GRANDALL is also well represented in other key Asian jurisdictions.

Under the agreement, both firms will deal exclusively with referrals in their respective jurisdictions. Parties are to remain independent but a common brand will be developed. Other ambitious measures will be adopted to foster the economic value of the agreement, including a training programme to form young lawyers of each jurisdiction to promote linguistic and legal capabilities of Chinese and Spanish and European law respectively. ECIJA has prepared itself for this new challenge by setting up a Chinese desk integrated with native Chinese speakers, fluent in Spanish and with solid legal capabilities. 

Our agreement might be of interest to IPG firms with clients interested in China. ECIJA China desk is prepared to bring value to your firm and help you and your client steering through the intricacies of the Chinese business world. Unlike an ordinary referral, you may use our platform to provide the Chinese expertise you may require while keeping control over the situation and a European understanding on the issues at stake. We hope we will have in future IPG meetings the opportunity to present you in more detail our new platform and introduce you to our Chinese colleagues.

Gabriel Nadal

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08006 Barcelona, España
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